Scammed again? Not quite.

The Curmudgeon got scammed not too long ago and it cost me my desk top computer. He’s not allowed on the computer any more.

He also owes me a new desk top. I’m stuck on the lap top for now.

Yesterday I was outside with Gavin and when I came in he told me the IRS had called saying they were going to sue us and we should call such and so number.

“No dear.”

“They said they were suing us.”

“The US government doesn’t sue you. They don’t phone you either. It’s a scam.”

“Glad I didn’t call them back,” he said.

Didn’t THEY call back later (had the same phone number) and when I answered the phone they hung up. Yep, I’m betting it was the old scammer with a new scam.

He never did like me because I called him what he is. A lying, cheating, scumbag whose tiny dick would never rise to the occasion again because I told him I cursed him.

Curses! Got to love how they can dig into a guilty person’s brain and totally fuck them up.

When I answer the phone, he hangs up.

We know it is him because I have blocked his number each time with each new number he’s tried. There’s no mistaking him, he talks to The Curmudgeon and The Curmudgeon hands the phone over to me, the man cries in fear and hangs up.

WitchToday’s T-shirt.



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  1. LOL. I love it when a scammer gets zinged right back and the fear sets in. ^5.

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