Tougher than the males

Miss Lucy is proof of that. She waltzed into the vet’s office like she owned the joint. Unlike Gavin who you have to drag in the door.

In minutes, she had the office staff giving her treats and scratches. Unlike Gavin who would’ve been hiding under the seats in the waiting room.

Because of an emergency, we did have a long wait in our room, but she stretched out on her side and dozed off. Unlike Gavin who would’ve totally stressed out to the point of us having to leave to come back at a later date.

On the floor with the vet techs, Lucy barely noticed the needle stick and the blood removal. Gavin would have to be muzzled and he’d be in panic mode.

An examination by the vet had her climbing on Dr. Ashley, snuggling in, wagging her tail, and giving kisses. Gavin would be looking for a place to hide and trying get as far away from Dr. Ashley as possible.

Two shots given unnoticed and she was still all wags and kisses. Where Gavin would act like a baby and be ready to go home NOW.

HPIM4785I am a brave and happy girl.





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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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