Take a reality break…

I am so sick of seeing articles on how important it is to ‘get away’ when you are a caregiver.

Really? Get away?

I’m lucky if I can make a grocery store run and get out to lunch once in a while and my husband doesn’t have dementia or some of the other things that are worse. He has secondary progressive MS.

“Take a break” they say.

How exactly would I do that? There’s no one around willing to take my dogs out and sit with The Curmudgeon on a daily basis so I could take a few days away. IF I could afford a few days away. We don’t have money growing on trees around here.

It’s one SS disability income for both of us.

“Hire someone to come in” they say.

Again I say who? And with what? Money trees are a rare thing. People to do what I do around here are non-existent.

“Have a relative stay with them” they say.

He doesn’t have any. Mine relatives are all far, far away and none are willing.

In reality, getting away, not burning out, and “being mindful” are far from possible for average people.

Ah yes “being mindful” I barely have a minute to sit without having to immediately pop up again, so screw your being mindful crap.

patience is at FU


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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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