Where’s my freaking package?

To our mailman: If you can’t do your job, stop lying about it, find a solution, or find another job.

Our mailman is a liar and lazy as hell.

He often doesn’t deliver our neighborhood’s mail for days on end. He also lies about attempts to deliver.

The Curmudgeon’s chair is about eight feet from the door he knows if the mailman has been there or not because he’s always in his chair.

We have a package that was supposed to be delivered yesterday and again today. Never got here.

I wouldn’t have known about the ‘attempt to deliver’ had Amazon not e-mailed me. We know there was no attempt. The mailman never arrived on our street. We watched for him!

The USPS is not reliable. The employees no longer take pride in their jobs. And we get screwed again.

I’ve notified the USPS and the Inspector General of the USPS. Do I expect results? Nope. But doing it purged me of the anger.

Oh, and he can’t use the disrepair of our steps as an excuse. They are fixed. Have been for a week.

patience is at FU


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