Visiting nurse visit

Work progresses on the porch to the point of done but he wants to do finishing touches.

Meanwhile a visiting nurse calls and wants us to let her come in no less than two hours from the call. Idiot man said yes.

Our food delivery got screwed up and while I spoke to our salesman on the phone, the nurse began to bug me about seeing all The Curmudgeon’s medications. I opened a cupboard door and pointed to them. Still on the phone with the salesman.

Not good enough, she couldn’t possibly get them down herself I had to climb the stepladder and haul down every fucking bottle for her to check.

That screwed up my ‘filing system’ and it took me an hour to set up his pills for the next week and put them back in the cupboard in some order.

While she went through each bottle comparing them to her “list” from the hospital. I found several gross errors on their part where they double listed several medications. She didn’t appreciate it when I pointed out the errors. Tough shit, you invaded my home without making a proper appointment with us. A couple of hours in advance? Nope not going to find me being a pleasant person.

don't fucking care bear


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