How one gets ready for when the ambulance arrives

When the other one has MS you have special ways to get ready for the ambulance after taking care of a very ill him for hours and, for the third time, he’s climbed out of bed and collapsed to the floor, this time you can’t get him up.

First, directly after calling 911, you must print out his medication list, a copy of his living will, and copies of his medical insurance cards.

While those print out you crate the dogs.

Turn on the porch light and unlock the door.

Then you must remove the baby gate that keeps the dogs downstairs.

Finally you run back upstairs to make sure he has clean dry clothes on then dash back downstairs and wait if they haven’t arrived yet.

When the paramedics arrive, you tell them he has secondary progressive MS, you hand them all the paperwork, and lead them to him answering their questions as you climb the stairs for the fiftieth time in the last twenty minutes. (The millionth time that day.)

When they leave with him, you collapse in exhaustion and debate following them to the hospital or getting some sleep first.

Sometimes I follow them in, other times I get some sleep. Guaranteed it will be hours before he’s admitted.

He’s still in the hospital. There’s no way he’s coming home until he’s better and the roads are cleared.

I yelled at this doctor telling her they sent him home three times still ill, they’d better keep him until he’s well this time.

HPIM4900The driveway is now cleared, the street is not. I think tomorrow I’ll try to clear off my car.

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