The kindness of strangers

We only met with Mike once.

For two years I’ve been trying to get our porch fixed so The Curmudgeon can safely go up and down the steps. No one would do the job. “Too small a job, lady. Not worth my time.” Everyone I called responded in this way.

Not Mike, he willingly gave us an off the cuff estimate to be followed by a more accurate one after he talked to his cement guy. He is very concerned about how unsafe the steps are, especially for one whose mobility is so limited.

Last night he called to tell me, because he has a few LEOs in his family, he was attempting to get the FOP involved and see if he could have them pay the repair costs because he knows the price we’ll have to pay will stretch us thin.

Now, I don’t know if he’ll be successful, but the mere thought that he went so far as to try this broke me down into tears.

On another note. I talked to The Curmudgeon’s doctor and from the way she’s talking, he will be in the hospital at least over the weekend, most likely longer.

warm fuzzy

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