As if we didn’t spend enough there already

G and I are in trouble.

There’s a new stand out at the farmers market.

“Here, have a sample.”

We take a sample. Looks of ecstasy cross our faces.  “Ah, too delicious! We’ll stop here last, on our way out, so it stays cold.”

We skipped the Amish bakery, can’t set off my sweet tooth now I need to have some restraint.

Stopped at the gadget stand and picked up a biscuit cutter, I am tired of using a glass to cut out my biscuits–I’ve used one for 42 years.

We split a loaf of fresh sourdough bread at the artisan bakery.

G bought cabbage for halupkies (stuffed cabbage rolls) and I’ll get some!

Stopped at a favorite stand and picked up a little bulk sausage, pimento cheese, and smoked Gouda.

Another stand for smoked chicken thighs.

Finally back at the new stand, we bought our lunches of sushi and seaweed salad. Once we got back to my house, we dished out and shared our sushi choices. What a perfect and delicious lunch.

warm fuzzy

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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