Yeah, the medical profession cares about you…

Not really. They only care about money.

The Curmudgeon looked better when we saw him yesterday.

The Doctor wants to release him to a rehab but none of the rehab facilities want to take them, they say he is “too high functioning” to stay there before coming home.

I’m sorry, but he’s too compromised for me to be able to take care of him here, we have steep stairs and I cannot lift him.

He still needs help with his food and he is NOT mobile. Yet, he’s “too high functioning” for them.

He cannot take a shower by himself as he could before. And I don’t believe they are sure he’s not still having seizures. And yet, he’s “too high functioning”

They think he can come home without going to a rehab first where he can be more closely watched than at home.

I do have to sleep sometime. I am not medically trained nor am I capable of lifting him. So how can him coming home before he is capable of doing more for himself be good for him?

I hate the bigwig medical professionals, conglomerates, and insurance companies. Their constant pursuit of the almighty buck and the lack of compassion truly makes me ill.

I have no idea what is going to happen to us today or tomorrow. This truly sucks.

road to give a fuck


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  1. I would lay 99.99999% of the blame on the insurance companies. Sadly, they are the ones who call the shots these days, telling the rehab centers your DH is to ‘high functioning’ to need their care. 99.99999% of all medical professionals went into the field because of an honest desire to help others and find the current healthcare environment as frustrating as you do.
    See if the hospital has a patient care advocate or ombudsman who can go to bat for you with the insurance company.

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