I wish the phone would stop ringing every five minutes

With The Curmudgeon in the hospital I am having a mini-nervous breakdown from the constant phone calls. And the stupid hacker phoned again, did he ever get an earful!

Need I remind any of my dear readers that I am NOT a morning person?

I am dead set against politicians phoning anyone in the days before an election. I swear we’ve had a call every five minutes since eight in the morning when they woke my ass up. That person got a loud ear full of all the swears.

I am not a nice person when I don’t get enough sleep and y’all have only yourselves to blame if I cuss at you.

Honey, if they (the people) haven’t made up their fucking minds by now they never will. So leave me the fuck alone and let me catch my breath.

So yeah, I am not a nice person to those who make political calls or call to harass us. I vote in all the elections. I was judge of elections for quite a while. I do not need the new kiddies on the block reminding me of what I already know and have done since I was 18. A long time ago.

I jump and my heart pounds at the phone ringing because The Curmudgeon is in the hospital and they have yet to figure out WTF is going on with him. They “THINK” he “MIGHT” be having night-time seizures but they aren’t positive.

I think I MIGHT want to slap them upside the head with a baseball bat but I’m not positive I will.

What do I want? I want a silent phone, some straight answers, the hacker’s dick to fall off, and a bit of what I can find of my sanity.

the right to be stupid


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