Not feeling very social

So tired, so stressed out, so lost. I am not feeling very social. G knows me well enough to not allow me to fold into myself.

The drive over to the hospital where they have The Curmudgeon now sucks big time. I’m so stressed that I have to impose on G to go along and be my navigator because I can’t remember from one minute to the next, how the fuck to get there.

He is very pissed at me for letting them take him there. But they don’t have the EEG monitoring available at the Allentown hospital. So far I am not unhappy with the nurses I’ve met on the 7th floor. Give it time, if they screw around with me or him, I will go ballistic. At least he’s not back on the 8th floor where he was not treated well.

I have many appointments over the next couple of weeks for me in various places at various times. I am NOT going to be able to drive over there every day.

Thank goodness for his speech therapist, I called her to tell him he is in the hospital because she has an appointment with him here Tuesday. She’s calling all the other home care people to let them know so I don’t have to. I really like this gal.

I hate that the phone won’t stop ringing–all the fucking political calls. Every time it rings I go through the roof.





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