The MS curse

After much jangling about of our nerves all morning and well into the afternoon, and a long-winded, confusing, round about CYA conversation with an admin flunky, the hospital sent The Curmudgeon home.

No, they did not send him home with G and I after we waited around for a few hours.

Yes, they waited to break the news to him until after we’d gone to run errands and go home.

No, I was not a happy camper when I arrived home to 5 messages on the answering machine, 4 from The Curmudgeon and 1 from the admin flunky.

No, I wasn’t going to jump into my car and dash back over during rush hour to get him.

Yes, I was out of sorts, my back was killing me and I hadn’t sat down in hours.

Thank goodness for cooler head of The Curmudgeon’s best friend, who, after I begged him for help, was the one who brought The Curmudgeon home.

Funny how ALL the rehab hospitals refused him because of his expensive specialty medications. Funny how NO help is forthcoming from anyone.

Real funny how poorly this Multiple Sclerosis patient has been treated by everyone involved in his (lack of proper) care at St. Luke’s University Health Network 

It is difficult enough to deal with your loved one falling apart, but to have no help is frustrating as hell. I think I’ve lost my sense of humor.

Is it any wonder that over 70 percent of MS marriages end in divorce?

I love him…but…

I go for a stress test today, I think I’ll pass with flying colors after this past week of crap.

I miss this man.

Jay in uniform

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