Now that bites

So much fun to spend the entire day sitting in a dentist office with The Curmudgeon. Not. He’s finally getting new dentures. I’ve had years of listening to him complaining and doing nothing about it. I finally told him that he needed to make an appointment and get this done. If he didn’t I was going to throw out the ones he wears the first time he set them to soak. Then he’d be stuck with some real old ones that he refuses to wear, they fit worse than the ones he wears all the time.

He got the message.

In another vein:

Years ago, while staying at my older sister’s home in Texas, a ring that was extremely valuable to me, sentimentally not monetarily, disappeared off the table next my bed. I’d only taken it off that morning because my finger was swollen from the change of climate.

To this day it still breaks my heart that someone in that household so callously took it. The ring was made from a part of a bracelet of my mother’s that matched a ring she wore all the time. Each of my sisters and nieces had a ring made for them.

I thought about that simple, lovely ring the other day with a great aching of heart and soul because of the fortuitous find I made of G’s ring that had been missing for a year.

Peace, love, and beaches.



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