Just put the candy down and back away …

Dang, I really need to lay off on the candy. It’s a good thing this last bag I opened is milk chocolate instead of dark or any form of M&M. That will slow me down a lot since I am not as fond of milk chocolate.

I seriously need to find some will power. Too bad they can’t bottle it.

I could also use a personal trainer to kick my ass on a daily basis. Any volunteers? Yeah, I thought not.

This is going to be a rough Spring and Summer since I have to get my butt moving and take off the excess weight once and for all. The Curmudgeon’s poor health makes it tough to get away from the house to do things, much less motivate me to exercise.

Ha! I iz not de onwy one who beez fluffy!

Lucy sleeping

Lucy sleeping


About doggonedmysteries

Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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