Where is the deep end and how far do I have to jump?

So another day where I was on the go went by with me not getting anything else done.

Took Lucy to the vet for a wellness check and two shots for which she was due. I know she’s getting too chunky and have often scolded The Curmudgeon for giving her pieces of his molasses cookies. Proof, she’s gained seven pounds since her last visit.

Yeah, she’s going walking with me when we get decent walking weather.

I swear if a black cloud could aim for over our house it most assuredly has done that. We got a phone call from The Curmudgeon’s neurologist. According to his blood work, he has to stop taking the Tecfidera immediately.

This is the medication that improved his walking so much. He’s to have monthly blood tests now. He is also to have a new MRI done of his head. He is off all MS medications for the time being since they aren’t going to put him back on the Avonex. This is terrifying and devastating all at once. We have no clue what is going to happen from here.

I need that lottery win more than ever. He needs better care than I can give him. A whopping win would take care of that and buy me a little house on a beach somewhere. If I don’t go live on a beach for the rest of my life, I’ll need a rubber room and restraints.

the scream


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