Things my Bull Terriers have eaten that they shouldn’t have

I thought I’d do some reblogging since I am naturally lazy.


Patty’s towel incident prompted me to write this post.  Our first BT, Danny had a taste for rocks, socks, and shoes.  I had a lovely pair of suede boots that he chewed to bits in less than five minutes.  Dear Hubby had a habit of leaving socks on the bedroom floor, a habit he soon broke after Danny pooped one out.

Our second BT, Joey liked to chew on wood.  He redid the woodwork around the doors.  He ate my bentwood rocker and redesigned the rungs on a couple of wooden stools.  He also ate his Varikennel.

BT number three was Malcolm.  Malcolm ate a Superball, which resulted in major surgery and a vet bill that’d make you faint.  He would chew the covers off tennis balls in less than a minute.  He too had a taste for wood and added his own touches to Joey’s artistic endeavors.  Malcolm ate…

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