Phew, thank goodness for warrantees

The Curmudgeon’s truck wouldn’t start again. The battery, dead. Good thing it is warranted. The store where he got the battery over a year ago replaced and installed it free of charge. They also picked him up from the ground where he went down while there.

He’s happy he has his truck back. Not being able to depend on it this winter has made him crazy.

We had more snow last night. Not fun. Lucy is ready to run away from home and head to a southern beach. Believe I’ll pack her bags and mine and go with her. I am so sick of winter.

HPIM4406You all haves a good one!

I is staying warm and snuggling with da Momma as soon as she’s done typing.


About doggonedmysteries

Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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