I saw a robin today…

According to the forecast, we will have a lovely day today. A high of 41 degrees sounds almost Springlike after the cold we’ve had.

Does seeing a robin yesterday trump all the dire six more weeks of winter groundhog predictions? I hope so.

Lucy was a very good girl about going outside in the bright sunshine we had yesterday. I’m sure she is looking forward to Spring as much as I am.

Gavin has always been a homebody and never enjoyed going away from his yard or house. Therefore, we didn’t take walks in the park with him. Lucy is another story. Looks like we’ll be going for daily walks in the park as soon as the weather gets nice enough to do so.

This will be a great way to drop both hers and my weight and we can work on her training too. Socializing her is easy. She loves people and new places.

You all have a good one!

HPIM4351I am holding my Daddy. He needed a cuddle.

About doggonedmysteries

Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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  1. daintylittlesecretsblog

    Such a cute picture

  2. Losing weight is a piece of cake when walking a dog. I lost 33 pounds in three months just taking the dogs out to potty this past summer. Of course they were going out about 7 times a day per pup. I still have another 30 pounds to lose (they’re already housebroken) so it’ll be walks in the park as the weather gets warmer. They are gonna love that. I bought a coupler for the leash to walk them with.

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