Too too cold!

Dear Readers,

I would not go out last night for my last out without my hoodie and hat. It was too cold! I could’ve frost bited my ears, tail, and feeties!

I plunked my butt down in the kitchen and barked at Mommy when she tried to get me to go out nekkid. I would not let her take me to the back porch without my hoodie and hat.

I should have some warm booties. Momma and Daddy have warm booties. It’s not fair.

I protest this mistreatment of my princess self. I should not have to go pee and poop out in the cold, with that white stuff.


Lucy, Princess extraordinaire.


Dear Readers,

My sister is an idiot. Yes, it was windy and cold but I went out without a coat and my hat.



HPIM4281This hat is ridiculous.

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  1. Dear Princess Extraordinaire (Lucy) and Tough boy Gavin: Diz iz Rocky and Rosie speakin. We knowz wut Lucy iz goin thru. When we hadz our hair cutz short, we went thru a cole spel here, too. Brrrr it was cold eben dough da mama putz a sweater anz a coat on us. I teww u wut…we din’ stayz out bewwy long doze dayz. Mama putz sum cloth potty padz down fo uz to uze and sez she unnerstanz anz we cud uze doze wen itz too cole to go out. (De tepature wuz 18 bewoe zewwo mama sed.) Dat made us bewwy happy and now dat de wedder iz warmer we goez out like good liddle pupz. We wuv it outside…jus’ not wen itz gonna fweez our toeziez off. Signed Rocky and Rosie.

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