Cheers to the good people

After the bitching and moaning about my broken porch yesterday I felt that today needed something more upbeat.

We have an amazing mailman. Yes, I said that. For the second time the sweet man helped me unload groceries from my car. Unasked. He just appeared at my side, pulled bags out of the car, and set them on my porch, braving the crumbling stairs.

Yes, I profusely thanked him. It saved me so much time and effort that I almost cried from his kindness.

Don’t tell me there aren’t good people out there in the world. Even though I have seen the dark side too often, I know better. There are many good people out there.

HPIM3599I lift my glass to all the good people out there.

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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  1. When my father in law died, I had been up all night at the hospital. And discovered when my son asked to go buy a suit so he would look nice for his grandfather, that our small town could not supply one. We drove 80 miles to a men’s store, where our problem explained, it was instantly solved. The manager brought suits, a lady brought his shirt, another male clerk came with socks and tie and the seamstress put aside all her work to fix the pants and sleeves of the jacket. I could have wept I was so tired, but their kindness was something I will never forget. I wrote their head office and they passed it along. I would urge anyone who who has received a kindness from a business to go that extra step and let their bosses know the gems they have working for them.

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