So I guess there are no homeless people on the weekend?

I finally talked The Curmudgeon into letting go of his too numerous to count winter coats that he never wears. This was the man who every time I turned around had bought a new coat or new shoes. (I have him talked down to keeping just 3.)

He spent more money on his clothes, shoes, and coats in all the years we’ve been married, than I ever did.

I still wear a jacket that I got over 20 years ago, only now I line it with a hoodie when it’s very cold outside. I have two newer coats that aren’t as comfortable or warm. They are going.

The only problem was not a single homeless shelter was answering their phones on a Saturday. WTF?

Looks as though I’ll be spending my very busy with doctor appointments Monday and Tuesday calling around to see who wants a ton of warm coats to hand out to people who really need them this winter.

HPIM4300Even Lucy has a warm coat and hat for the winter.

HPIM4295Gavin is happy with just the hat.

He hates shirts, sweaters, or jackets.


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