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Good food

     I should have taken my camera along to the farmers market. I would have all of you drooling on your keyboards at all the yummy foods there.

     They have everything from health food to potato chips and candy. You can eat at several stands and the variety from which you can choose is amazing.

     Some of my favorite places to stop for a bit of lunch are the Vietnamese booth, the Mediterranean booth, the soft pretzel stand, and the pizza stand.

     I  love the colors of the fresh fruits and veggies and the fragrance of fresh-baked goods and roasted chickens.

     I always wonder how I can resist going every single week…

     You all have a good one!

HPIM4027     Can’t wait for my tomatoes and peppers.


Pictures to make you smile

HPIM4029Lucy helping Daddy put the carrier for the cart together.


HPIM4031Gavin getting some Daddy time.


I think he’s enjoying it.


Lots of work ahead

HPIM4028Now that the rain has stopped

I have my work cut out for me.

Lots of weeds to pull and transplants to do.

This is just a small part of what I have to work on.

You all have a good one!

Taking applications for a new muse

My muse jumped ship a while ago. I guess she decided I just wasn’t giving her enough time.

Therefore, I am now taking applications for a new muse.

All muse applicants must keep in mind that I am a night person and the dogs and The Curmudgeon come first. You must like dogs.

Winged muses need to make sure they can fit through a 32 inch door before stopping by for an application.

If you are a dark muse please keep in mind that I do not read or write horror.

Any muse that can make excellent coffee has an automatic foot in the door.



Thank a feminist if as a woman…

You got an education.

You own property.

You vote.

You have political, economic, cultural, and social rights.

You are not chattel.

Thank them if you have no idea what chattel is…

Go read this

Do some real research and find out what being a feminist truly is and who the women were that worked so hard to bring your way of life to the scope it has today.

You all have a good one.


A mish mosh

     We had quite a storm pass through here last night. Lots of rain and enough thunder and lightning to cause little Lucy a bit of consternation.

     Fortunately, Lucy likes to cuddle and that gave her enough security to get past the noise. I blame the idiots around here with the fireworks over the last couple of months for her reaction.


     Anyone have any idea why my sage and pepper plants are looking puny? they are in pots and were looking okay at first but the last few days have not looked well. (Yes, I have watered them.) Makes me wonder because, right next to them, my tomato plants look wonderful.

     You all have a good one!


Took the camera out to the garden











More pictures









Wrestling with Daddy



I like to wrestle with my Daddy.





He likes to wrestle with me.

HPIM4002It’s the licking of his hair he doesn’t care for, hehehe!

Why we’ll never be rich…

     We’ll never be rich because this house has always been a money pit, and will always be one. Below are the results of the last two years of hard winters and the neighbor’s leaky rain gutters.

HPIM4005     We don’t have a close friend who is a mason and can do the repair work for cost.

HPIM4006     We don’t have the $$ for costs because it looks as though the entire porch needs a good jack hammering and removal.

HPIM4007     The city permits would kill our bank account.

HPIM4008     The Curmudgeon knows nothing about masonry. I know more than he does on that subject.

HPIM4009     Maybe we can squeeze out one more year?

     You all have a good one.

Get my muse hopping

     I’m thinking that in order to get my muse hopping I’m going to need to get out more. Do some people watching and stuff.

     There’s a little coffee shop not far from here, but not within summer heat walking distance, that I don’t often get to because the parking there is a bitch. However, I think I found a nearby side street that I can park on that is easier than trying to park close to the place. A little walking never hurts.

     I also need to get out fishing to relax and get the ideas flowing more. There is something about sitting on a river bank with a fishing pole that relaxes me completely.



Some little girl was enjoying the yard…




HPIM3994You all have a good one!