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Had fun yesterday.

     I really enjoyed going out to lunch with my friend G. We went to Chili’s and had flat bread pizzas and topped it off by sharing a volcano cake topped with ice cream coated in a chocolate shell.  Afterwards we went wandering around a mall working off the meal.

     I found the dessert plates to go with my dishes and bought them. I am so tickled I can add to my china as I want. I never had any that I could do that with before. I think I’ll gift us with a nice platter for our anniversary.

     I’m surprised. I am now 60. Who knew? I remember when I thought I’d never make it to 30. Funny, I don’t feel any different mentally than I did at 30. Physically? Well, yeah. Growing older isn’t for sissies.

     You all have a good one!





Holy Crap! Another year just whizzed past.

For my birthday I asked for…George Clooney

Didn’t get it.  So I asked for…


Didn’t get that either…next, I asked for…

Jack Sparrow

Yep, you’re right, I didn’t get that either.  Sigh.

Heck, I didn’t even get…

birthday cake

I did get


I love this.

You all have a good day!


Corned beef and all the trimmings! Yum!


St. Patricks dogWhat a cutie!  I wish I had the name of the person to whom to credit this, but I don’t.  No, this is not my dog or my photo.

leprebullyI absolutely love this picture.  Again I don’t have a name to give photo credit to, wish I did. I do believe this is a Dutch bully.

I am looking forward to this in the next few months

Even with coffee the brain doesn’t seem to want to function tonight. It has been a rather strange day any and all writing I attempted fell to the wayside. I hope you all will forgive me and enjoy some garden pictures instead.

























8 days after the Tea Tree oil incident…

     Okay, it’s been eight days. The Curmudgeon is still not back up to how well he was before the idiot stylist shampooed his hair with the Tea Tree oil shampoo. He is not walking well and has had to resort to using his walker off and on. This is a total set back from where he was eight days ago.

     All we can do is wait and see if it eventually gets out of his system and he gains some of what he lost back. Two steps forward and three steps back is not a good thing.

     Please, tell manufacturers that use Tea Tree oil as one of their ingredients to put warning labels on their products. The life of a person with a disease like MS is difficult enough, they do not need things like this to worsen their condition.

      HPIM3318We want more of this

HPIM2987And less of this.

Nothing brings greater joy to one’s soul than music.


Peg's baptism with Mom and Dad 1954

Warm with rain…bye bye snow. Or is it?

HPIM3690Day was rainy and warm.

HPIM3689Snow melted like crazy.

HPIM3687Fast melting snow and our yard =?


HPIM3688Temperature plummets, winds kick up to 40 Mph, and rain turns to snow? Only advantage I see is the possibility of the ground drying some. I REALLY NEED a patio here. 

You all have a good one!

I hope you all had a good day!

     Lovely day here yesterday. Plenty of sunshine to warm us and melt more snow.  We can see a lot more of the yard now. The most delightful thing of all was hearing the birds rejoicing in the day.

     The dogs pranced about like puppies, and I’m sure they read the clocks.  Exactly at five, Gavin began to scold me for his dinner. I was hoping to have an hour’s reprieve.  Nope. He never let up until I walked to the kitchen and picked up their food dishes.  These dogs are such a hoot.


Someone is feeling better.

HPIM3675Always the Daddy’s girl.

Patty is much improved from Sunday night. There have been no more let’s scare Mom and Dad incidents. She has taken advantage as is typical of a bull terrier. She’s been back in Daddy’s chair, a practice we stopped after the second chair had to go back to the store.  Not from her, but from the poor workmanship. (Lazy Boy chairs are not what they used to be, their quality is way down.)  Chair number 3 has its problems too but we’re sick of having to call them about the chairs.  Next one, we buy elsewhere, and a different brand.

HPIM3680You done with that bone yet?

Snow to mud. Fun. Not.





We had some meltage today.

     It wasn’t much but it is better than none.  I managed to get outside and clean up as many land mines as I could find. (Better known as dog poop.)  With temperatures coming our way above freezing for the next several day we should be down to our usual Spring mud hole of a yard.

     Maybe this is the year I get a patio in so The Curmudgeon and dogs don’t track in so much mud on wet days.

PatioThis would be nice.

     The real question is, do I have the patience to do it?  LOL, I doubt it.

You all have a good one!

We want warm weather

HPIM3584     It still isn’t warm enough to melt away much of the darned white stuff on the ground. We can’t call it snow because it’s more like ice. Barely hitting 40 by afternoon and then dropping to 20 degrees as soon as the sun goes down doesn’t work the greatest.

     I did manage to break through the six-inch deep ice on the sidewalk out back and cleared a single square foot’s worth of cement in hopes that it will help melt the rest off faster.  We have two small spots of visible ground, one along the side of the house and another out by what’s left of the pond.

     Supposed to hit 47 degrees today, let’s hope it melts off more of the white stuff.

     You all have a good one!