Do I really hate the house I’ve lived in for over forty years?

I hate this house. I have hated this house for over forty years. We made the HUGE mistake of buying the house from the in-laws. Never buy a house from your in-laws. We weren’t in it a week when we discovered we had termites, thirty years worth of them. Did the in-laws pay to get rid of them? Nope, we did. Yes, I hate this house.

Our first winter in the house the furnace blew, filling the basement with smoke and leaving us without heat on the coldest week of the year. Yes, I hate this house.

The roof leaks. It has been repaired more times than I care to count. It only leaks when we finally get ALL the damage repaired from the last leak. It’s enough to make you stop repairing the damage.

Back by the back of the house, where the outside cellar door is, we have another leak. A leak that we can seem to stop. We’ve tried everything available to do so and yet, it still leaks. Yes, I hate this house.

The cement front porch has decided to decay, badly. This winter wasn’t kind. Repairing it is going to cost us a small fortune. Yes, I hate this house.



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