Experiment #4 timed


First Sentence stick pick:

My only defense was to write down every word they said.

If I didn’t I’d never remember all the crazy crap that fell from their mouths.  No one would ever believe me, but I’d found the best place in the world for crazy dialogue.  I sat there sipping cup after cup of coffee scribbling down line after line of the funniest conversations I’d ever heard.

Drew a Non Sequitur stick:

“If you don’t take chances,” said the man in the striped pajamas, “you might as well not be alive.”

I put that statement in my truths column and waited to hear how his companion would reply.  Then I realized he was talking to me.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to look at zebra pajamas man.  So I stared into my cup.  I knew if I looked at him I’d start to giggle and I knew if I started to giggle I wouldn’t be able to stop.

Chose a last straw stick:

His companion walked out the door leaving him waving the bill she forgot to pay at her retreating form.  He grumbled and growled a bit over her leaving him to pay her check.  




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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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