Cell phone crazy

     I know I’ve said it before, but I hate cell phones.  I do not want to be connected to the entire world 24/7.  However, with The Curmudgeon’s health I am beginning to think I have to get one.  Looked at ZTE Awe N800 (Virgin Mobile)…Thoughts?

     I will use it so seldom that even paying monthly seems silly to me.  Although I am beginning to see it as a necessary evil.

     I find all the phone models and crazy expensive plans frustrating.  My last cell phone I used so seldom and forgot to buy more minutes for so long, they shut it down.

     The phone store clerks are no help at all since they are most likely on commission and want to sell me the most expensive phone and plan as possible.

     Honestly, if I could find a phone plan where I could get what I want for super cheap, I be doing cartwheels.  No, The Curmudgeon has a flip phone with the data shut off, does that answer your question?

     You all have a good one.  I think I need someone with me who knows the ropes…

English: New Mobile Cell Phone Technology

English: New Mobile Cell Phone Technology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Been there, done that. Have had several different plans/phones/etc. I don’t care for verizon, even their pay as you go phones. I am currently using straight talk and love it. The simplest plan is $30/month. Also, there’s something called Basic Talk. Both are at Walmart. I’ve heard the Go phone and Cricket are good, but you have to have satellite coverage. You can go online and check them out. Cricket lets you see the phones and plug in your zip code to see if a particular phone works in your area. Trac Phone isn’t bad either, and cheap. Good luck.

  2. I have a Jitterbug which costs me $15.00 a month plus local charges. It’s still less than $20 here. I keep it off unless I need someone to call me on it. And the charge last almost a month. They have a lot of options. I don’t have any. I always carry it when I leave the house. And every month they replace the unused 50 minutes with a fresh new set of 50 minutes. Best to look/get it on-line. A store just adds confusion.

  3. I have a plan with Virgin: $100.00 once a year. I use about half of the minutes allotted and the rest is banked. So if I ever have a busy year I’m covered.

  4. Good luck! I know from personal experience, once you get into the world of ‘data at your fingertips’ it kinda’ sucks you in all the way 😉 You are wise to be cautious…

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