Soft bully, warm bully….

     Patty discovered the new throw.  It is very soft, furry, and warm.  She likes it.  She never sits on the couch with me and yet, when she discovered this fabulous new throw, she leapt upon the couch and somersaulted into the throw rolling herself into doggy burrito.

HPIM3437 HPIM3427 HPIM3430 HPIM3431 HPIM3432 HPIM3433 HPIM3434

     Gavin’s green-eyed-monster raised its head and he joined us on the couch.

HPIM3435 HPIM3436 HPIM3426     You all have a good one!

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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