The neurologist is pleased.

     Took The Curmudgeon to his Neurologist appointment, the first one since he’s been on the Tecfidera, and she was tickled to see him come into the office with his cane instead of his walker.

     She saw improvement in every test she did on him.  I do believe she’s as excited about the results as we have been.   She does agree with me that he should start working out with the weights on a regular basis to build up his muscle strength.

     He goes back in four months, it would be wonderful to have even more improvement to show her.

     You all have a good one!



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  1. I am on Tecfidera also, I just had my yearly MRI and she called and said no change since the last one, which I kinda knew. I have been feeling good. Plus it was kind of a mild summer, so no heat crap attacks. Good luck on your MS journey and it is a journey.

  2. Unfortunately after only a few months on it they had to take him off of it. His blood tests worried them. He’s back on a walker. He’s taking Beta Seron and is spiraling downward. So disappointing after showing such promise in the beginning.

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