Back away from the trash can…

     While in the check out line at Bed Bath and Beyond, I glanced at a shelf in front of me and almost collapsed laughing.

     G asked me what was so funny and I pointed to the garbage can that had the sensor that automatically opened the can for you.

     “Could you picture that with my dogs?”

     She giggled at the thought.

     I about fell on the floor laughing.  Finally, I  gasped out, “OMG, they’d have the sensor worn out in less than a day and you’d find me sitting in a corner pulling my hair out while repeatedly mumbling ‘leave the trash can alone.'”

     You all have a good one!

English: Bed Bath & Beyond

English: Bed Bath & Beyond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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  1. At our last house, we had a mail slot in the door. It freaked the cats out daily when the mailman arrived.

    I was very sad when they got used to the mailman coming and didn’t scramble frantically on the wood floors, trying to escape the evil arrival of envelopes.

    They’d probably go apoplectic if I bought a trash can like that.

  2. I have one of those. Luckily, my Springer is just short enough that she can’t engage it – but she’s looked at longingly!

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