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Didn’t win the lottery so I have other things to do…

     Years ago, I attended a Spiritual Holistic Expo here and planned to go again the following year but dates  were changed and it has coincided with my Pennwriters conference ever since. 

     Tomorrow I am going.  Since I’m not at the conference I might as well enjoy the Expo.  Plus, in the same building, at the same time, the Innovative Beads Expo is going on.  Wow, a twofer!

     The Curmudgeon is encouraging me to go because he knows how unhappy I have been about missing the conference. 

    You all have a good one.

The Holistic Approach of Alternative Medicine ...

The Holistic Approach of Alternative Medicine symbolized by the aura of man. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Play it or not?

     Powerball is up to a record high.  Do I buy tickets or not?  I think I will, no sense at all in not giving it a shot.  I never go crazy on buying the tickets–unlike buying tickets at the PW conference for baskets.

     What would I do with all that money? 

     First, I’d buy a house that I liked near water ( a lake, a beach, or next to a good fishing river) not his parents old house. 

     Then, I’d hire someone to take excellent care of The Curmudgeon and the pups for a month while I go on a vacation to some luxury spa on a beach.

     I would take care of my friends and my cousins. 

     I’d hire a trainer and get myself totally fit and healthy. 

     I’d set up a fund for BTs needing rescue and care.

     I can dream can’t I? 

     You all have a good one!

The Lotto Powerball logo

The Lotto Powerball logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Missing Pennwriters

     If this were a normal year, I would’ve arrived in Pittsburgh yesterday and be enjoying the company of my many Pennwriters friends at the Pennwriters conference. 

     This is not a normal year.  The Curmudgeon has had seizures and because of that I stayed home this year.  I feared being clear across the state with no one here to check on him.

I got rather snarky with the MS society recently.  I think it’s good I did.  I am beginning to get some help that I wasn’t getting before.  I should have done it sooner.  If I had, I would probably be at the conference enjoying my four-day working vacation.

     To all of you people attending the conference this year.  I desperately wish I was there.  I REALLY NEED A VACATION!!  And most of all, I miss everyone!!!

     You all have a good one!


Lucious Lilacs.

Two steps out the back door and the marvelous fragrance of lilacs overwhelms me.  Heaven.  I have miniature lilac bushes some in the front of the yard and some in the back, and then I have a regular lilac in the side garden.  All are in full and heavy bloom.





She’s tired…oh, so tired…


     I went for my first walkies in the Rose Garden Park this year.  My feeties are sore and I am very tired…but I am happy too.  I had a good time with Momma, and Aunties G and Annie.  We had a girls day.

Malcolm, he was my heart dog…

Silly boy Malcolm

    Every once in a while a pet comes into your life and strolls directly into your heart to stay there forever.  This is my heart dog.  He lives in my heart as much today as he did for the thirteen years he was with us.

Oliver! curtain call Oliver! 2 Oliver! curtain call 2 Oliver! Malcolm veterans class David Merriam judge0001

     Thank you Maggie Burns for this wonderful dog who blessed our lives and sits forever in my heart.


We hadn’t celebrated our first anniverary yet when…

     The Curmudgeon left overnight to go fishing with his best friend.  A few hours later, I got a phone call from his friend’s brother that they were in an accident and he’d be here to pick me up in a few minutes.

     It took the plastic surgeon over 4 hours to stitch up The Curmudgeon’s face  and sew his ear back in place.  He’d gone through the windshield…twice… once forward and then backwards as his knees caught on the dash and pulled him back through.  No seat belts in that car. 

     In the meantime I sat in the hospital all that time not knowing if he was alive or dead.  A nurse handed me a bag of bloody clothes saying, “I suppose you want his personal effects.”  And then she walked away without another word.  No one told me anything for over four hours!

     I’d seen his friend and knew he was okay but I’d heard nothing about The Curmudgeon.  Finally, the plastic surgeon came out to talk to me and explain what he had to do.  He told me he stopped counting at 1000 stitches.  That was forty years ago.  There are times it seems like yesterday.

Jay's accident picture 1974

Mom 7/31/1915–1/1/2007


MomwithbirthdayflowersJuly2005bHappy Mother’s Day Mom!  I think of you every day.  Love you always.  Me. IMG_0732 Mom3 Mom in a kitchen Mom Mom in 1950

Pizza anyone?

     I have decided to add a variety of healthy pizzas to our diet, homemade pizzas.  I have a pizza stone ordered and on its way and have a nice wooden peel picked out for my next order. 

     Why have I decided this?  Well, I’ve acquired several pizza cookbooks for free on my Kindle and thought that over the summer I could use either my oven or my grill to make some tasty pizzas.  I think it’d be interesting to grill them.

     The Curmudgeon loves pizza and this may be a way to get him to eat ‘healthier’ foods where he might actually enjoy them.

     When I was a teen, our family had a killer pizza recipe that is now lost to me.  I’d sure love to find one similar to it among all these recipes.

     You all have a good one.

Pizza on a pizza stone

Pizza on a pizza stone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sniff…did you smell that?

     One thing I’ve noticed since I quit smoking is my sense of smell is even sharper.  All those years I smoked, I still had a better sense of smell than a lot of people, but now I am amazed with how acute it is.

     (As careful as he is to keep people from noticing it, my cardiologist is a smoker.  The scent was very faint but it was there.  He doesn’t know that I know.)

     Walking through the farmers market is a fragrance filled adventure.  I love the perfume of good food. The scent of fresh fruits, smoked meats, roasted chickens, pizza, pickles, fresh breads and other baked goods, cheeses… oh my!  I should wear a bib to keep me from drooling on the various cases we pass by traversing from one end to another.

     I do not love the stink of people who bathe in perfumes or aftershave.  Dial it back people, you are migraine inducing idiots!  I am fortunate that my migraines are not triggered by perfumes.  However, I have many friends who do have their migraines triggered by perfume.  The only thing that triggers my migraines these days are petroleum products.

   Remember to stop and smell the flowers.  You all have a good one! 



Put the phone down and back away…

Texting on a qwerty keypad phone

     The age of information has become the age of rude behavior and apathy.  Noses angle down and eyes glued to small phone screens. 

     Texting has taken the place of human interaction.  Conversations have gone the way of the stagecoach.  People would rather take pictures of violence and be the first to post them than try to help the victims.

     If you don’t look at the world around you because your eyes focus on that little screen, you miss the world and all its wonders. 

     If it is important, they will call back or leave a message.  Your phone doesn’t NEED to be on all the time.  Get out, put the phone down, and enjoy this wonderful world.

     You all have a good one!

Lazy picture day..again


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