Sniff…did you smell that?

     One thing I’ve noticed since I quit smoking is my sense of smell is even sharper.  All those years I smoked, I still had a better sense of smell than a lot of people, but now I am amazed with how acute it is.

     (As careful as he is to keep people from noticing it, my cardiologist is a smoker.  The scent was very faint but it was there.  He doesn’t know that I know.)

     Walking through the farmers market is a fragrance filled adventure.  I love the perfume of good food. The scent of fresh fruits, smoked meats, roasted chickens, pizza, pickles, fresh breads and other baked goods, cheeses… oh my!  I should wear a bib to keep me from drooling on the various cases we pass by traversing from one end to another.

     I do not love the stink of people who bathe in perfumes or aftershave.  Dial it back people, you are migraine inducing idiots!  I am fortunate that my migraines are not triggered by perfumes.  However, I have many friends who do have their migraines triggered by perfume.  The only thing that triggers my migraines these days are petroleum products.

   Remember to stop and smell the flowers.  You all have a good one! 




About doggonedmysteries

Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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