It rained…a lot.

     “I want to go out!  I want to go out right now!”  Gavin’s incessant ringing of the sleigh bells had me about up the wall.

     “It’s raining outside.  You really don’t want to go.”

     “WANT OUT!!!”

     “Oh for heaven’s sake…”  I open the door, the rain is coming down in sheets.  He goes out.  “I guess you really did have to pee, huh?”

      He dashes back in after peeing a lake.  “Wet, need to shake all this water on you.” 

      I throw a towel over Gavin before he can soak me and thank the fates that he’s a short-haired dog and not a long-haired one.  We go into the kitchen and Patty steps in front of me.

     “Want out.”

      “Patty, you really want out?”

     “Want out.”

     I open the back door.

     She steps to the top step and stops with her butt in the door.  “It’s raining.  I might melt.”

     “Too late you’re going now.”  I gently boot her down the steps and wait with towel in hand while she does her business.

     She piles in the door, soaked to the skin.  I throw the towel over her and briskly rub her down.  She likes the towel part.

     At least we didn’t have anything struck by lightning again…

      You all have a good one!


About doggonedmysteries

Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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  1. haha love it, mine loves the rain though and will sit out in it until I call him back in where he will shake and drench the kitchen and me 🙂

    They really do enjoy getting us wet afterwards don’t they? LOL!

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