Back it up…I should tattoo that on my hands.

     So I’m sort of getting used to the new lap top.  I do love the wireless feature.  Being able to take the computer to my bedroom, my chair, or even the kitchen has its perks. 

     I do hope my computer gets fixed sometime this week.  I also hope that I didn’t lose the couple batches of pictures and some writing I’d done and hadn’t gotten around to backing  up.  Nasty little F*tards who send out viruses and make us average people suffer are worthless pieces of crap.   Normally, I made regular back ups, but since the heart attack, I’ve neglected several things and that was one of them. 

     Oh well, you live and learn–sometimes.  You think I would’ve learned since my hard drive crashed a couple of years ago, but NOOOOOO, I forgot for a few months.  Yes, Dave I lost a lot of the book if my computer guru doesn’t recover everything.

     You all have a good one and don’t forget to BACK IT UP!

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  1. A hint: Get a flash drive, plug it it, back up your work to it the moment you’re done working on it. ALWAYS!

    I have flash drives all over the place…but a lack of usb ports…keep saying I’m going to get a usb hub so I can do that but as you can see, that hasn’t happened…#so kicking myself

  2. Do you know about cloud back up sites, like Carbonite? For ~$50/year, Carbonite backs up your computer several times a day, & not only saves your work, but also all your settings,etc. I think you can start a backup whenever you want to, but it also does it automatically.

    Just FYI.

    If I had the room in my tight budget it’d be nice….

  3. I understand the tight budget–Lord knows most of us are struggling with that these days! Maybe try your local freecycle to see if you can snag an external hard drive, or maybe find one cheap on craigslist. I feel your pain about losing your stuff — I lost the hard drive in my lap top & my geek couldn’t recover my files. I had managed to save the really important stuff, but still it was sickening to lose all that.

    So, shall I send you a gift certificate to your friendly neighborhood inkster…?

    I just have to get smarter and remember to use my flash drives and save, save, save my work and pictures!!!

  4. External hard drives are a great way to go. They now make them in trillobites and you can get one for around $100. That’s a lot of space. I don’t think I’d want to trust my work to a “cloud”. I’d be wary of theft even there.

  5. About the usb hub. They’re inexpensive and give you up to 4 extra ports. I have one and also have an external hard drive.

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