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Heart healthy recipe fails

     Yesterday I wrote about how I found many good heart healthy recipes.  It is difficult to find recipes that both The Curmudgeon and I will enjoy. 

     I will try most anything but he refuses to eat things like fish and all veggie dishes.  Little does he know he has been eating at least one all veggie meal a week.

     However, there was a soup that neither one of us could manage to choke down.  I have enjoyed Butternut Squash Soup in many forms but unfortunately the one recipe I tried was downright awful.  The Curmudgeon said, “Never make that one again!”   He doesn’t need to worry because I won’t make it.  Ever.  Again.

     The Adzuki Beans and Rice dish was another failure.  I liked them but the Curmudgeon didn’t.  I’ll keep hitting him with all veggie meals until he gets used to one or two a week.


Heart healthy diet wins


     I figured I’d start with some of the heart healthy diet meals that were real winners.  The American Heart Association Meals in Minutes cook book had some great recipes. 

     The best recipe from that book so far is the Parmesan Pork Medallions.  The Curmudgeon and I loved it!  I gave some left overs to G and she and her husband loved them too.  Most of the recipes I’ve tried from that book have gone over well.   The No Chop Stew is excellent too and very easy to make.

     The recipes in the Cardiac Recovery book were not as successful in the house.  The Curmudgeon did enjoy some of the recipes like the BBQed Chicken Spicy Southern Style and the Jamaican Jerk Chicken.   He did not care for many of the soups and beef recipes.

     I’m still testing recipes and modifying old stand bys, it isn’t easy now with our beef heavy freezer.  The new shipment of meats will help a lot since I ordered less beef and much more poultry and fish.



     So while thodeepught, I remembered that I hadn’t done my post for today.  My brain hollered, “Go post!”

     What to post?  I have no idea.  Do I post about another day trapped because of the street work?  No, I think you’ve heard enough about that.  A dog post?  Patty did torment Gavin all day yesterday.

    There’s nothing to new about the gardens and pond other than the frost finally got all the plants. 

     The Curmudgeon is being his usual Curmudgeonly self.

     Should I make a new list of subjects for posts?  I wonder if my readers have any suggestions?

       Have you figured out the title to this post yet?

MS there are good days and bad days

     Yesterday was a good day for The Curmudgeon.  He seemed to have a decent amount of energy and his balance was fair most of the day.  Today should be about the same.

     I can’t say that about tomorrow.  Tomorrow is his day after shot day.  That is his worst day of the week.  Every Monday night he gives himself a shot of Avonex and every Tuesday he pays for it with poor balance, weakness, and sometimes flu like symptoms. 

      I think that’s a piss poor record for a medication that is supposed to do him such good.  Some days it feels so hopeless.

A little pupcorn?


     My stomach told me that a little snacking was in order this past evening.  For some reason I decided that popcorn would do.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve made some.  It’s been even longer since I’ve made some while the pups were still awake.

     Once I started the hot air popper going, I had two absolute idiot dogs in the kitchen.  The white dog danced around barking at the popper.  The brown one ran from kitchen to  living room and back again, all excited.  Goodness, I was sure the commotion would have The Curmudgeon awake and wandering down the stairs to see what was going on.  He must have been very tired because he never showed.

     I had to hold the bowl above my head as I walked from the kitchen to the living room because two Bullies wanted it.  Next I had to fight for my seat in my chair they were determined they were getting some popcorn. 

     I let them watch and drool as I ate the first two bites.  I picked up a piece in each hand and threw them in two different directions and giggled as two dogs scrambled to get a piece before the other could.  (That’s why the two different directions.)  The pups got a little exercise and both of them relearned how to catch. 

     Eat a few pieces, throw a couple pieces, giggle…repeat.  I am easily entertained…

Trapped again

     Day two of street work brought another rude jack hammer awakening and having our driveway blocked all day.  With an entire street to park the back hoe and trucks on, yes, they had to block the only driveway–ours.

     I won’t go to the grocery store until next week because I refuse to shop on a weekend, especially this time of year.

     However, I do hate feeling trapped and we certainly have been that for the last two days.  Therefore, I might take a trip to the farmers market if I feel like braving the crowds.

I didn’t like the ‘new’ alarm clock

     Yesterday, I crawled into bed around 4:30 in the morning–nothing unusual for me there.  I was enjoying a deep sleep, REM sleep, dream filled, restful, ahhh sleep.

     For four hours, I truly had a good thing going and then the jack hammer started right below my bedroom window.  Oh, for sassin frassins sake!  I stuffed my head between two pillows and tried, really, really tried to go back to sleep.  The Jack hammer continued.

      I rolled out of bed, slammed my window shut, and got dressed.  The Curmudgeon was extremely kind because he knew I was ready to kill someone.  He had a cup of coffee waiting for me by the time I hit the bottom step.

      Ever since that gas explosion they’ve been replacing gas lines all over town.  It’s our street’s turn.  Trucks and a back hoe blocked our driveway all day–we had no chance to go anywhere.

     This is going to be a fun week since they are going to dig up the rest of the street.  Sleep much?  I doubt it!  I’m gonna be a basket case by the time they finish the work outside.

John Carter Movie YAY!!

     One of my favorite book series has always been Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter series.  So you can imagine my excitement to hear that FINALLY someone is making a John Carter movie.

     Yay!  I will be in line for tickets the day it opens here.  And, if it is true enough to the books, I will buy the DVD when it comes out too. 

     Read the books if you haven’t, they are great.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reread them over the years.

Hoping to avoid a vet bill

     Gavin has a small hematoma in his good ear.  I took his collar off him to keep him from hitting the ear with his tags while he’s shaking his head.  I put an icepack on his ear sort of pinching the hematoma between the folded pack.

     It hasn’t gotten any bigger so far.  If we can keep his head shaking to a minimum and ice it from time to time–he will only let me do it once a day–we might be able to avoid a vet visit, bill, and the usual stitching of the ear.  His other ear was stitched several years ago but that hematoma was huge compared to this one so far.

     Keep your fingers crossed, he REALLY hates going to the vet.

I miss the laughter

     It’s been a long time since I’ve had the giggles so bad I couldn’t stop.  Typical of sisters, my baby sis and I could always get each other giggling so bad that you couldn’t breathe and whenever you looked at each other you’d go off into peals of laughter all over again.

     I miss her.  She was one of the few people who could do that to me.  I don’t think I’ve laughed like that since she died in 2001.

     The pups manage to make me giggle and so does The Curmudgeon with his wonderful dry sense of humor, but they can’t make me go helpless with laughter.

     Ten years without those deep belly laughs and giggles that make you go limp is a long time.  Does the laughter ever come back?

Changes in our diet

     Big changes are coming.  Today I put my meat order in with a company we’ve dealt with for several years.  I think we will surprise our service.  I’ve made some big changes in what we’ll order.

     We do this every six months.  Then they come in and load our freezer and I don’t need to buy meats at the grocery store.

     We won’t be ordering anywhere near the red meats that we have in the past.  Although The Curmudgeon doesn’t like fish or turkey, we’ll have some on the list.  I’ll eat it and he can has a cheezeburger.

     I’m looking forward to the changes.

What drives you bonkers?


     This time of year drives me bonkers.  I can’t stand the constant drone of Christmas carols.  If I hear one more have a happy holiday I may go postal.  Speaking of postal, I really don’t need a gazillion catalogues.  I don’t buy Christmas gifts.

     Rude people drive me up a wall.  This is the season where they seem to come out in droves.  I’m so glad I no longer work retail.  It was always a challenge to smile at customers all day when they were so very rude.

     We won’t go into many of the other things that drive me crazy, the list is far too long.

     What drives you bonkers?