It’s black Friday–I’ll stay home

     If retail clerks refused to work the crazy hours and if people weren’t so greedy, there would be no such thing as Black Friday.

     I worked retail for many years.  Black Friday is the worst day of the year.  I’m not sure when it started, but in my early retail years the day was like any other.

     Greed is the only answer to the question, why do they do it? 

     Back when I bought Christmas presents, decorated, and in general, let the retail world dictate my December, I did manage to finish my shopping long before November and December rolled around. 

     Quite a few years ago, The Curmudgeon and I decided that if a holiday created too much pressure to allow one to enjoy it, why bother?  It’s not as if the season were a favorite for either of us.  Mostly it reminds us of lost family.   We’ve both had too many family deaths at this time of year.  I’d just as soon skip from here to mid February.

     These days I only buy or make one ten-dollar gift for my dearest friend of 38 years for her celebration and because she loves this time of year. 

     The Curmudgeon and I buy things we want, when we want them, instead of waiting for a holiday to come around.  We don’t decorate, I stopped baking ridiculous amounts of unneeded sweets, and we’ve found that we enjoy it this way.


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  1. I was just thinking yesterday as I was out getting scripts filled and seeing all the Christmas stuff in the store, I wonder if I’ll ever enjoy this holiday again?

    I never will. You will though, you’ve still got close family that loves you. That is often what makes a ‘holiday’ what it is. My favorite holiday was last month. ;D

  2. Sadly Black Friday is actually a reference to the start of the depression. Why it got picked up for the retail rape of the American public is a mystery to me. And though it would be nice if the retail employees say no – they would just lose their jobs and hurt themselves, not the corporations who are fostering this lunacy. The only way it can end is if shoppers stay home in droves.

    And that, sadly, is the truth.

  3. I refuse to do Black Friday. One year, I think it was 1976 and forgetting it was Black Friday, I went to the local mall the day after Thanksgiving with my then husband. This mall was actually 5 malls under one roof. We ended up in rows of 6-8 people moving in one direction while the same number of people moved in the opposite direction. It looked like those marchers you see in movies depicting German and/or Russian soldiers, however, everyone was shoulder to shoulder and maybe 18″ from the person in front of you and about half speed. It was next to impossible to slip into the store you wanted to get into or out of. After about 20 min. of that we decided to forget it and went home. I hate Black Friday…

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