MS spasticity problems

     I was going to write about our freakish pre-Halloween snowstorm, but since two a.m. yesterday morning DH has been having some dire spasticity problems.  He went down on the bedroom floor and once I got him into the bed, I knew I was up for the duration.  I’ve had very little sleep since our party.

     DH collapsed onto the bathroom floor again later yesterday morning he’d gone in there without a cane, calling me,  or any other means of support. 

     My back is out from all the bending to fill short people’s Trick or Treat bags, there was no way I could get him up.  G and her hubby weren’t home so I couldn’t ask them.  I pounded on the next door neighbor’s door and soon Carlos was over to aid DH in getting back into his bed.

     I put the walker by the bed so when DH made another run to the bathroom he had a better way to get there.  He was NOT pleased about needing the walker.

    The next time he remembered to call for me and I went up to be with him while he went from the bedroom to the bathroom and back again.  Success!  The walker worked in getting him back and forth without incident.   Now maybe I can get some sleep.

     It was probably the best day for this to happen since we had all that snow and no need to go anywhere.

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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