My very strange Wednesday


     Wednesday started like all my other Wednesdays of late with a slight modification.  I got a call from a man interested in buying the tool chests I called G and she wasn’t ready to go over so I went over to the house alone.  I sold the tool chests then I did some work over there and went home around 4:30.

     I got home in time to feed the dogs at five.  Then I cooked our dinner.  After dinner, I went outside to work on the pond where we have a couple of plants trying to take over that I trimmed back.  While working I began to feel not well.  My chest burned my throat and jaw burned too.  I sat down for a minute.  The pain didn’t let up.

     I went inside, grabbed two aspirins, which I took immediately, and then I sat in my lounge chair and told DH to call for an ambulance.  Knowing me, and how I feel about hospitals, (hate them) he dialed 911 immediately.  This was a little after seven.

     The fire truck, its crew, and the ambulance with paramedics livened up our sleepy little neighborhood.  During the ride in the ambulance, I was given four more aspirins and two nitros.  Leads were applied to my body, IVs were started, and I was at the hospital in minutes.

     They say I didn’t have the myocardial infarction until I was in the cardiac cath lab a mere twenty minutes after I had DH make the call for an ambulance.  I now have one stent and they were surprised to find that my cholesterol levels weren’t all that bad.

     Saturday they sent me home.  I tire easily right now.  Therefore, if I don’t post every day for a few weeks don’t worry, DH is being strict with how much time I can be online.

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  1. And make sure you listen to your DH 😉

    It must have been terrifying, glad you’re home and on the mend.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery x

    Thanks, Jo.

  2. I am so glad you don’t do the denial thing – and that you not only recognized what happened, but were there enough to think to take asprins. You are one impressive lady – but we all know that!

    Keep resting, and thanks for sharing details – things we all should know.

    What’s to deny? It happened. There’s no use sitting around whining. Now I must improvise, adapt, and overcome.

    Back to resting…

  3. Thank goodness you didn’t just shrug the symptoms off, as in “oh it’s nothing, I’ll be fine in a minute or two”! Thanks for sharing the symptoms too, in case any of the rest of us might need them someday!

    Keep a cool head, take the aspirin, and call for an ambulance. Do not try to drive or have family drive you to the hospital the ambulance has the drugs and know how to stabilize you.

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