If it isn’t one thing…


     As wonderful as having the much-needed rain arrive was, we had a problem.  Our roof leaked again.  Yesterday I caught our roofer outside and told him.  (His business is two doors down from us.) He did an actual double take.  He was shocked.  Three minutes later, he had his helper on the roof looking for the leak. 

     They think they found it.  It seems that when the next-door neighbors had their new roof put on years ago the idiot that did it nailed their shingles through our slates.  He didn’t nail them to the roof divider.  Thus, we have a leak. 

     Our roofer thinks they have solved that problem now.  The next problem is we really need to replace the flat roof.  He says there are two roofs on there and that they both should be removed and a new one installed.  I told him when we sell the MIL’s house, we‘d have him do it.  It’d be nice to be certain of no leakage in the next twenty years.

     The other day he inspected the MIL’s roof.  The news wasn’t great.  He confirmed that we’d have to replace the garage roof.  Oh.  What fun.

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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