Gremlins in the house


     We have a problem with gremlins in this house.  Things disappear, reappear, and disappear again.  Now I am missing a large tablet, several favorite pens, and a big package of double ‘A’ batteries.  Therefore, I’m guessing our gremlins needed paper, pens and batteries.

     Are our gremlins writers?  Did they need batteries for their remote controls?

     DH claims he hasn’t seen the missing items.  Gavin and Patty don’t have thumbs so they can’t write and I have no idea what the pups would need with batteries.

     If there were kids in this house, I’d know where the batteries went.  I’ve known kids who were guilty of swiping batteries from parent’s remotes to power their stuff. 

     Usually, our gremlins return the borrowed items.  I only need to be patient.

     Do you have gremlins?  What things do they borrow?

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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  1. scissors, socks and keys… congrats on FP

    🙂 I can hear the gremlins grumbling…”so many things, so little time….”

  2. Gremlins are alive and well in my house. I actually thought that living alone would mean the end of missing socks. Oh No – not only do single socks come and go in random time, but sometimes when I have an even number of socks it’s because I have TWO singles instead of just one.

    Apparently my gremlins are getting old as fast as I am. Just yesterday I found a note of apology saying they would have returned IT, but they not only couldn’t remember where they put it, they couldn’t even remember exactly what it was they took.

    Maybe that’s the key, as we all get older none of us will care anymore if we know what’s missing, or where it might be. Now if the gremlin in the next hammock would pass me the ice bucket – oh – it’s missing!

    At least they leave my glasses alone. They know I can’t see without them.

  3. The gremlins in my house take my keys, socks and earrings mostly. Occasionally a shoe goes missing. Those get returned quickly, though…wrong size, lol

    DH says they move his keys. I say he never puts them in the same place… 😉

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