Monthly Archives: June 2011

Clearing out the junk at home too


     There’s spillover from working at the MIL’s house.  I cleaned out my closet today and loaded a thirty-gallon garbage bag with clothes to go to Goodwill.  I have more to do but it’s a good start.  Even DH caught the bug and began to sort through his clothes, bagging what he doesn’t wear anymore. 

     This could be a good thing.  It could mean the beginning of decluttering my own home.  I have many ideas as to what can go.  A few of them aren’t making DH very happy but since he isn’t the one who has to clean he hasn’t much say.  Mwahahaha!

     He’s coming over to the house on Sunday to sort through tools and has instructions to keep in mind all the things he can no longer do.  Don’t bring home anything you only think you ‘might’ use. 

     In a couple of weeks there’s going to be one heck of a sale, everything must go.  What doesn’t go will be hauled away. 


It’s a frog!


     Last year we lost all of our bullfrogs to traffic or wanderlust on their parts.  We’ve only ever had bullfrogs, since bullfrog tadpoles were all we could get.  This year my favorite pond guy had native green frog tadpoles.  I bought a dozen and I’m thinking of going back for more since we lost four.

     I had a wonderful surprise when I went out to feed the fish this evening.  At least one of our remaining eight tadpoles has turned into a frog.  He is no bigger than a dime.  I’m looking forward to more and I hope they make noise this summer.

Miracle at the MIL’s


     Wow!  We worked our tails off at the MIL’s house today and I think we might have the house cleared of all garbage and recyclables within the next two weeks.  Then we can list a two-day sale on Craig’s list and possibly have the house empty and ready for the painters immediately after that.

     Back in November, we began to work over there knowing the MIL would probably not be coming home.  At the time, we thought the nursing home would take the house.  When the MIL died in March, she beat them out of it.  That left it completely up to us to clear everything out and sell it.

     I thought we’d never get it done.  However, as of now we are getting very close to the end of the tunnel.  We can soon begin doing the cosmetics and repairs we need to do to sell the house.  The day we hang the for sale sign up is the day I crack open a bottle of champagne and celebrate with my helpers.

Internalization, externalization, and the land of the clichéd expressions


     According to the Encarta dictionary—Internalization: to deal with an emotion or conflict by thinking about it rather than expressing it openly.  

     My critiquing partners have often complained that I need to have my characters internalize more.  I have trouble writing internalized emotions.  This is something I’m trying to improve.  It isn’t easy.  I find that I often fall into the land of the clichéd expressions. 

     One doesn’t want to fall into this land.  They kick and bite you.  While writing an emotional scene, it sometimes takes using a clichéd expression so your writing flow doesn’t freeze.  That way you can continue writing without wracking your brain for some sort of analogy. 

     I have Word set to catch clichés.  When my computer screams at me for using a clichéd expression, I turn the phrase to a different color, which makes it easy to spot later, and I continue to write.  Then when I get to the rewrites, I have to change them.

     Externalization: to express ideas or feelings in some visible or perceptible way in order to communicate them to somebody else. 

    This is much easier to do and I use it more often than internalization.  I need to reach a happy medium.

Our entertainment


     Our TrueBlood episode or two an evening marathon ended last night.  Now we have to wait another year for the fourth season to come out, dang it.  I have to giggle that I got DH so hooked on the series.  Since I read the Charlaine Harris books, I know where it’s going, and much to DH’s frustration, I won’t tell him.  He could read the books but he can’t see well enough to do so.  Poor guy will have to wait.

     G and I finally got to the new Pirates of the Caribbean Movie yesterday afternoon.  We had the theater to ourselves and had a great time.  There’s nothing quite as nice as a school day matinée.

Icky Poo!


     My gag reflex worked overtime yesterday as we threw out home canned goods left to rot in the MIL’s cellar since the mid 1970’s.  I’m not kidding there were dates on the canning jar lids.  Can you say EWWWWWWWW?  Poor G’s gag reflex got a workout too.  I owe my dear friend BIG TIME for all her help and I’ve told her that repeatedly.

     There’s plenty more jars to empty and then there’s all that homemade wine we have to empty out of bottles and throw them away.  ERG!  I dread that job.  Those wines were nasty way back in the 70’s when the FIL made them.

     Chuck showed up and found a problem with what we thought would be a simple spray foam, insulation job.  (SIGH)  Nothing in this house ever seems to go easily.  I can’t wait to get out from under it.  Hmm, wasn’t that what the wicked witch said when Dorothy’s house landed on her?

     Wednesday and another day of icky poo stuff will get here far too soon for me.

Wait, he is hurrying as fast as he can


     Someone rang our doorbell at eight in the morning yesterday.  Since I’d only gone to bed two hours before that I didn’t hear it.  Most importantly, it seems that people don’t understand that it takes DH some time to get to the door especially if he’s upstairs.  He’s no Speedy Gonzalez, due to his MS the man moves at a turtle’s pace.

     By the time DH got to the door, the bell ringer was long gone.  How much sense does it take to realize that we are home when both our cars are in the driveway?  Is patience in such short supply that the person had to rush off?  Nothing ticks DH off more than to rush to the door only to find the person gone.  Mind you, his rushing is similar to a snail on crack but that can’t be helped.

     I hate to think I have to post a sign saying, ‘person answering the door is slow…please have patience.’

Mall kiosk psychos


     I amazed myself yesterday.  I asked G to go clothes shopping with me.  Coldwater Creek was having a half price sale.  The jeans, capris, and slacks I bought there for the conference fit so well that I couldn’t resist the sale.  I came home with two more pair of capris that are so comfortable I could live in them all summer.  Gina bought one pair.

     They are very helpful in the store but I really hate walking through the mall to get there.  I have a question for everyone out there.

     Do I have a sign on my forehead that says ‘come on drive me crazy’?  What is it about me that attracts all those psycho mall demo-sales people?  I do everything I can to NOT make eye contact with them and yet they literally grab me when I go anywhere near one of those little kiosks.  No matter how many times I say, “No, I’m not interested” they still try to slather me with their crap.  I tell them I’m allergic and they insist I can’t be allergic to their stuff.  Hey, I lied but it did me no good.  She grabbed my arm in a vise-like grip and slathered the whateveritistheyareselling on the inside of my wrist. 

     “Lady, for today only $39.99.  See how nice it works on your skin?” 

     I looked at my right wrist then looked at my unmolested left wrist and I saw no difference.  “Sorry Skippy too rich for my blood.”  I hate using crap on my skin and for $39.99, for a teensy bottle it’d better be made of freaking gold.

A short note today


     It is two in the morning.  Somewhere, on the other side of the cemetery, there is a mocking-bird giving a lively concert.  He has quite a repertoire and he is going at full volume.  I’m betting there are a few people wishing they had a shotgun about now too. 

     I love mocking birds and since we haven’t had any around here the last year or two, I find him a delight.  Then he’s not directly outside my window either. 

     You all have a good day.

OMG there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


     G and I had help with the work in the basement yesterday.  The MIL’s neighbor came over with her three kids and a surprising amount of garbage went out the basement door.  I adore these people.  I do wish the MIL hadn’t been such a stick in the mud and had taken a chance on getting to know her neighbors, they would’ve been a great help to her.  I’m sure she’d be ready to kill me about now because I’ve allowed them to help clean things out of the house.

     Hey, I’m not proud and I’ll take any help I can get.  The entire project is an overwhelming task.  However, by day’s end we knew that the conclusion of the job was in sight and you wouldn’t believe what a relief that is for us.

     I do know that if it weren’t for G’s help, I’d still be struggling with the upstairs.  While working at the house on Sunday we were talking about how long we’ve known each other, thirty-eight years come September.  We’re closer than I ever was to most of my sisters—heck, I’ve been around her longer.  I met her soon after DH and I were married and moved into our house.

     My dog scared her and I went out to apologize for his bad manners.  We soon became good friends and the GSD learned he had to mind his manners around her because she no longer believed in his bluster at the fence.

The to do list is never ending…


     There’s a baseboard-heating unit in the MIL’s basement that’s all rusted to hell and is in dire need of replacing.  Yep, it’s another thing to add to the list of crap that is wrong with her house.  The next question is; do I replace it or leave it for the next owner to do? 

     Whom do you get to install a replacement unit?  A plumber?  A heating company?  Perhaps a friend who has the skills? 

     The person who was supposed to do all these things for her a few years ago managed to rip her off and leave many things poorly done or not done at all.  Lesson learned?  Never hire a friend’s brother.  Especially, never hire the brother when he has a drug problem.  The man used to do great work but all that changed with his addiction.

Updates and other stuff


     Off to the doctor’s for a recheck today.  My back still itches.  I hope I don’t have to take more of those danged horse pills.  The worst part is I have to be there at ten in the morning.  I don’t do mornings but I couldn’t get a later appointment for today.  Guess who isn’t going to bed until AFTER the appointment.

     Max, our new Koi is getting braver.  He practically leaps over the big girls to get to the choicest bits of food.

     G had more kitties dumped at her place.  Two of them are very sweet youngsters and there’s a third one, who is skittish.  They seldom see him all they could tell me is that he’s black.  Of the two sweethearts, one is a marmalade tabby male and the other one is female, pure black with yellow eyes.  They’ve been residing on her deck for a week now.  I finally got meet them today.  Both are quite affectionate and love human contact.  I’d put them at a tad under a year old.  Anyone want a cat?