Dust bunny coup quelled


     I need a house brownie to clean my house.  I’ve been so busy working on the other house that mine is suffering.  The dust bunnies have taken over.  One particularly vicious looking dust bunny with teeth and claws threatened to hold the dogs hostage last night.  Thank goodness, DH was able to use his police training to talk it out down and take it prisoner.

     For a bit, I worried that the others would riot.  However, most bunnies are nervous creatures and dust bunnies are no different.  They quickly disbursed after DH took their leader down.  He’s my hero.

     Then there’s that cobweb problem that cropped up tonight.  You know you’ve neglected the housekeeping when you see them decorating your lampshades like fringe.


About doggonedmysteries

Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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  1. 😆 That’s really made me smile!

    I’m glad I could do that.

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