I love this weather


     It was hot outside yesterday and the dogs are quite spoiled by their Daddy’s need for air conditioning.  Patty spent the day sprawled out on the couch and Gavin alternated between his chair and the floor in front of the air conditioner.

     I spent most of the day outside planting some of my flowers and veggie plants and working on the pond.  I only came in to rehydrate and take the dogs out to pee.  Well, it was more like dragging the dogs out.  They didn’t want to leave the air conditioning.  DH and the dogs think I’ve lost my mind.  I hate to tell them that it took a walk a long time ago.

     I’ll be out working on the garden again today.  I need to weed along the back fence and get the rest of the tomatoes planted there.  Then on Tuesday, I need to buy more potting soil so I can put flowers in the pots out front and in the wrought iron stand that I brought home from the MIL’s house.

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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  1. more than 50 tons of the richest potting soil on earth, located about 20 minute drive has been offered to this woman for the past 10 years and she still trots out to some garden center to buy the bagged garbage….just in case anyone was going to argue the lost her mind statement 🙂

    Yes, you do have tons of horse crap. However, for me to get it I’d need to dig it, bag it, and haul it which is something I have no energy to do. 😛

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