Great day fishing!


     At least it was for me.  I couldn’t toss my line in without getting a strike.  Not so, for DH, I don’t think he had as much as one bite.  At least he got some fresh air and sunshine.

     We had the park and river to ourselves except for a couple that were fly-fishing in the rapids below us.

     I caught a lovely rainbow trout in the first five minutes we were there.  Then I caught several brookies and another rainbow.  DH caught the roots of a weeping willow several times.

     It seems it was women’s day on the river.  The woman who was fly-fishing the rapids below us caught a couple of nice trout.  By the time they left, her male companion looked very disappointed.

     Sorry folks, we were over halfway to the river when I realized I’d forgotten the camera.  Maybe next time I’ll remember it.

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  1. Never mind the camera — next time just take me with you! I’ve got my own rod & everything — I just need somebody to go with.

    Come on over! I’m always up for a day out fishing. 😉

  2. Sounds like a great day fishing! I think most women beat their husbands fishing, I know I usually do and he’s used to it after all these years.

    DH is used to it too. LOL!

  3. Note to self, go out and buy a rod and reel and, of course tackle. And when I get there, I WILL bring my camera;) LOL

    Don’t forget the fishing license there’s the online link where you can buy one. We also purchase a trout stamp. We have spare rods and reels…

    • What’s the cost of a license here and you need a trout stamp too???? Ok, whatever it takes. I’ve been wanting to get a new rod and reel anyway. Accidentally left them all down in LA 😦

      I bought two at the same time and really don’t remember what I paid at the time. Follow the link I put on your last comment and go to ‘fishing licenses’ they have all the information on the site and you can buy it online right there.

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