The treasures keep popping up


     Yesterday we uncovered another treasure.  Under a pile of stuff in the basement, we found a first edition James A. Michener Report of the County Chairman’ with a dated autograph.  We weren’t really working down there.  We took a friend down to check out a few things he wanted to buy.

     With the friend’s help, we were able to put Grandpop’s mattress and box spring out on curb for the garbage.  This means that one bedroom is almost completely empty.  All that remains in there are the dresser and armoire I am keeping and an antique radio that I need to find a home.

     We lifted the rug to see what the hardwood floor was like underneath it and it looks to be good shape.

     G collected a ton of wire hangers and put them in a recycling bin to go out on Sunday while I worked on garbage detail, and filled several bags.  We are making progress!

About doggonedmysteries

Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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  1. I know you are putting in huge amounts of time and sore muscles, but the reports are totally fascinating. Thank you for sharing this part of your world.

    You never know what we’ll find. We haven’t been into the attic because there are no steps up to it at the moment and I don’t like ladders. I hear there’s at least one ‘antique’ up there. DH’s old rocking horse…

  2. I guess I missed the post explaining why you’re clearing the house out. I’ll have to dig for it.

    You’ll have to dig back to November where it all began. Then move forward to March 7th the day my MIL died. It’s her house I’m cleaning out.

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