It is colder than a brass brassiere in the arctic


     Dang, it’s 2 a.m. and the dogs want out.  It is COLD out there!  The pups don’t care they want out when they want out.  I need a cup of coffee to take the chill off.  This isn’t spring it feels like freaking winter.  I’m glad I didn’t put the winter jacket, gloves, and hat away.

     I’m also glad we haven’t removed the pond heater yet because I think if had, there’d be ice on it.  It wouldn’t be so bad if there were no wind.  It felt like below zero out there.

     I really, really, really want the warm weather to get here.  Now.  Not later.  (Shut up, Dave.  You had your winter now I want WARM weather.)

     Time for that coffee.

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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  1. Weatherman says there’s a warm up on the way – wonder where it’s stuck – I know it’s not stopping to smell the roses. Hope it gets here before the 4th of July.

    All I know is that it was COLD when the pups wanted out. 😉

  2. I hope Spring will be appear for you and the dogs and puppies can enjoy the freedom of outdoors in warm sunshine.

    I want to go play in my gardens! 😀

  3. Yep, your post is great. It gives me an opportunity to show my human how good he’s got it when I have a late potty call! Good to visit you again.

    Hey, long time no see! Glad you stopped by. Yes, at least you are in a warmer area of the country so a 2 a.m. potty call isn’t near as bad.

  4. We had snow last night, not the type to accumulate but it was coming down pretty good. Couple of days before it was 70. Needs to make up it’s flippin’ mind!

    That’s the truth! 😀

  5. I know I’ve said that Spring is just around the corner. I meant it. I just didn’t realize it was the FARRRRR corner! LOL

    How many more blocks do we have to walk…..whine.

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