Patty wanted Gavin’s bed tonight


     Poor Patty, since the towel-eating incident she isn’t allowed to have any bedding in her crate.  That was a scare and a vet bill I’d rather not have again.  Since it was only a year or two ago we still don’t trust her to leave bedding alone.

     I put a fresh towel in Gavin’s crate tonight and then I was busy doing something in the kitchen.  DH went into the living room to give Patty a cookie but she wasn’t in her crate as he thought.  She was in Gavin’s crate checking out the new bedding.  She was having quite a good time in there too.  We half expected her to steal the towel and take it into her crate.  We are betting she had thought about it. 

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  1. lol, about the bedding, I can just imagine the scene, and how Patty had originally thought about the idea of taking back to her bed.

    My Kirra has been good in not attempting to shred her bedding, I just wish she would make her bed when she get’s up on a morning lol

    Any bedding we’ve put in Patty’s crate gets shredded so it’s her own fault she doesn’t have any. Gavin won’t sleep unless he has something he can roll up in. Dogs can be so silly!

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