The weather gods are meanest in the spring


     My crocuses are all in full bloom and my daffodils are ready to blossom.  I enjoyed the lovely signs of spring while I could yesterday.  The weather forecast for today and the rest of the week is dismal.

     When I took the dogs out at two in the morning it was raining, snowing, and sleeting.  The dogs and I were not amused.  The dogs don’t want snow they’ve been enjoying the grassy yard.  I don’t want snow any more than I’d want a root canal.

     You’d think the weather gods could make up their minds wouldn’t you.  I think they enjoy playing with our heads.  It’s not nice to give us lovely, warm days and then send this crap along.

     It’s like dangling candy in front of a kid then snatching it away as they reach for it. 

     “Oh, look at this!  Do you want it?”

     “Yes!  Yes!  Give it to me.”

     “Here, reach out your hand.”

     The pudgy hand of the child reaches for the brightly wrapped candy her fingers feel the touch of the paper…

     “Nope.”  The candy is snatched away.  “You can’t have it.”



About doggonedmysteries

Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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  1. I concur… same story here in the burbs of NYC. Dreadful! 🙂
    Found you as a recommended post via Zemanta.

    I want spring back, we had it for a few days–just long enough to make this weather twice as miserable.

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