Update on chaos house


     Sunday G and I went over to work on the MIL’s house again.  Every closet is now empty.  We cleared out the last of the cupboards in the kitchen and emptied out the bathroom.  The hall closet yielded a ton of coats, jackets, and sweaters for donation and more garbage to toss.  We loaded ten more huge garbage bags of clothes into my car to go to Goodwill.  We’re running out of boxes to put things in.

     Feeling a bit destructive, we cleared out, took apart the rickety microwave stand, and put the pieces out for garbage.  We took the limit of five huge bags of garbage out to the curb along with the two overloaded recycling bins.  I’m sure the garbage men over there have begun to hate us by now.  We already have two bags loaded and ready to go out for garbage on Wednesday.

     As of right now the room that shows the biggest improvement is the bathroom.  You wouldn’t believe all the junk she had in there.  It is all gone and the room seems twice as big.  The only thing we didn’t empty was a hamper in which she’d stored all the tall, decorative ceramic beer steins I’d made for my father in law over the years.  If anyone wants them, they need a home.  Look out Pennwriters, there might be a couple of them in baskets or used AS baskets.

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  1. Gosh, well done!!!

    Still a LOT to do but we feel like we’re getting somewhere now.

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