Signs of spring


     We begin a new month.  We’re closer to spring now, oh joy! 

     When I took the dogs out today, I saw crocus and daffodils poking out of the ground in the gardens and they were over an inch high.  The day lilies, iris, and many other flowers are awakening too.

     For the last week, huge flocks of geese have flown over our house every day.  Some of them are so high you can barely spot the Vs but you can still hear them honking.

     The robins haven’t appeared yet but they can’t be far behind.  Birds are beginning to hang around the feeders in larger groups and the crows in the cemetery are practicing their aerobatics.  They swoop low over the tombstones and grass racing each other to the tallest spires.

     I’ve had to chase suet raiding squirrels out of the yard several times a day.  Yes, spring is arriving.


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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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  1. Grinning, it has been such a dry winter in Southwest Oklahoma that ducks and geese are carrying canteens of water as they fly over head.

    Happy Spring Gardening

    With all the snow we had melting so quickly, and then having rain on top of that for a couple of days, we have plenty of water here on the East Coast. Once the swamp that is our yard dries enough, I’ll be happy to start gardening.

  2. Sandy Schaeffer

    My spring flowers are about 3 inches out of the earth; I saw a cardinal couple in my neighbor’s yard – the male was beautiful!

    We have a pair of cardinals that nest nearby every year and they bring their babies to the pond to take baths in the waterfall. I love them!

  3. Despite the early signs of spring here,it’s grey, miserable and cold. On the plus side, this means that my bird feeders are busier than they were last week when it was warmer. Silver linings and all that.

    There’s always a silver lining. We have sun today enough that it prompted me to pick up downed twigs and branches from the Tulip poplar.

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