There was a surprise in the cans of china


     As promised, here are the pictures of the other set of china and a surprise.  When I sorted through china in the lard cans, I found several pieces to a third set!  See the top two pictures.  It’s made by Ostrow China and is called Princess Anne Golden Dusk.  It’s lovely.  The last picture is of the Homer Laughlin Colonial Kitchen.  (All of the china pictured above is for sale.  Contact me here in a comment or by e-mail)

     Today was G’s anniversary so she didn’t go over to the MIL’s house with me.  AJ arrived around three, she was a big help and good company—I do hate to be there by myself.  She helped me load the lard cans full of china into my van.

I managed to clear off and clean the kitchen counters before AJ arrived.  It was quite a chore since the MIL had them completely covered with junk and I don’t think she’d cleaned it in years.  By four o’clock AJ and I were ready to leave.  We carried out three bags of garbage, a completely filled paper recycling bin, and an over filled can and bottle bin.

***Notice to all this was posted in 2011. Dishes are long gone.****


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  1. those are some nice looking china

    I know, my favorite is the Mojen MJN4. If I had a good china cabinet that set would be staying.

  2. Just a suggestion: To find out the value of those dishes, look into Antique Road Show. When I googled it I got an option where you can ask antiques experts online immediately. It is I’d be very curious as to the prices of those collectibles.

    I have the retail value of the pieces already. I researched them when I found them.

  3. The china is incredibly beautiful! Wow, lots of treasures!

    As I took them out of the huge lard cans, I set them out on my freezer. Looking at each set in its entirety was quite an experience.

  4. Very pretty china. Are you keeping it?

    I wish, I wish, I wish I could but I have a small house with very few storage options. That gorgeous china deserves a large china cabinet to be displayed in, and to be used for all holidays and special occasions. If I had a larger home and a large china cabinet I wouldn’t part with it for sure! It breaks my heart but it’s to be sold.

  5. Cheri Brennan

    Hello: I am interested in the dishes appearing in the top right picture. I know them as Princess Anne Ostrow China Golden Dusk. How many, what type and how much are these dishes. Thank you very much.

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